Minecraft Skin Mixer / Creator

We have made a free android Minecraft skin app, our app allows you to create new skins for your minecraft character.

Easily create your personalised skin for Minecraft. Minecraft Skin Mixer allows you to choose between different skin parts: head, body and legs.

Once you are on the main menu

minecraft skin mixer

Select “create a skin mix”

You will then be guided through a process to create a skin from other skins. Once you have created your skin, you can save your Minecraft skin to one of 3 slots.

From your saved minecraft skin you can apply it to your account.

To apply it to your minecraft character, press the slot. Then press apply, you maybe prompted to login. Once you have logged in press apply again and the minecraft website will ask you if you want to apply the skin.

saved minecraft skin

IF the server is down to maintenance it will usually not take more than 1 hour.

I hope you enjoy the free minecraft skin application!

Download the app

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  1. Hey thanks for your comment but I had to shut this app down. Reason being it hit over 400,000 downloads and was server based, the server couldn’t handle the requests. I may make another app just so people can use this again.

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