Strong RC Plane Carbon Fiber

What is made from carbon fiber, can fly up to 40 MPH? and can be controlled by your personal mobile phone?

Carbon Flyer from Trident Design!

Carbon Flyer Design
Carbon Flyer will be the first R.C plane/flyer to be made from carbon fiber (afaik).

At present it is an indigogo project and can be snapped up for $99. This plane will be controllable from your mobile phone both android and ios.

It comes with a standard 640×480 camera built in. Or you can upgrade to an 720p version for an extra $40. Which you’ll be able to produce some nice imagery with.

carbon flyer

carbon still image

The project looks promising but the campaign is only live for 9 more days, then you will have to pay full RRP.

So if you want one you should take this opportunity grab one up quickly.