Crysis Remastered Announced – What Can We Expect?

This is not something I thought I’d be posting about 12 years later.. but here we are it’s 2020.

Crysis Remastered has been officially announced by Crytek giving the original Crysis instalment a new lease of life. After spending some time on their official discord (come join us) there were an abundance of questions thrown by the community. I’ve seen “will Crysis Remastered have multiplayer?” asked plenty of times. The answer, in short, is probably not, though it has not been ruled out by Crytek.

In Crytek’s press release they stated that they will “focus on the original game’s single-player campaigns”.  Although some users have pointed out the channel names in discord are named after the multiplayer maps. Almost as if they are set up as voice channels for each map – as players are using them. Anything concrete remains to be seen or heard.

A game remaster is normally an updated version of the game keeping in line with the original story and it seems to be the same circumstances here. The remaster is said to improve the game textures- suggesting high-resolution textures, anti-aliasing techniques, various lighting effects.
All this points at Crytek using their latest CryEngine version to build the remaster on. That and that their CryEngine 5.6 tech demo in 2019 teased a well known Crysis scene, Crysis first light.
Which is how they are able to port to pretty much every popular gaming platform even the Nintendo switch, this suggests how well Crytek’s CryEngine can scale their work.

My thoughts on Crysis Remastered are mostly positive, positive that anyone that has already experienced Crysis 12 years ago and enjoyed will enjoy it once again. I expect newcomers will also pick this up if they have only heard of its legend. Bringing high-performance rigs to their knees, causing stirrup in the community and the phrase “but does it run Crysis?”
I imagine some fans will be let down if there is no multiplayer at all. I, myself will be happy to just replay the Single player campaign with improved graphics.
A remastered version of Crysis Wars would be great in my opinion. The Crysis franchise lost its early game mechanics starting with Crysis 2. I wouldn’t come back to try multiplayer on Crysis unless they changed the game mechanics back, though this seems unlikely.

Hopefully, CEO Anvi Yerli can keep the team to true to the original feel of the Crysis franchise just as Cervat Yerli had done in 2008 and provide the Crysis community a MAXIMUM GAME.

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