Assassins Creed trouble with Kingdom flags!

I have been having a lot of trouble these last few days in finding the last flag in The Kingdom on Assassins Creed for the xbox 360.

I have used every guide there is and retraced my steps hundreds of times but have still had no joy finding the remaining flag.

When searching google I have come across many websites where people seem to be having the same trouble!

There is a lot of talk about the company that produced the official walk through have messed up.

You would have thought they would have tested there own guide!

Ubi-Software should definitely do something about this issue as I am using alot of my free time looking for this Kingdom flag and am even not wanting to play the game as much.

I guess if I keep searching for websites that have the answer I will do it in the end.

Good luck to everyone that is having the same trouble.



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