Lord of the Rings: Conquest , A Game to be Seen

Lord of the rings conquest

For the beginning of gaming season 2009, Pandemic Studios are releasing one for the Lord of the Rings fans!

Lord of the Rings : Conquest

With a full list of features Lord Of The Rings Conquest is said to deliver a great all round gaming experience. With talk about a previous release from Pandemic Studios of “Starwars Battle Front” about, its more than  likely that Lord of the Rings Conquest will play the same way that Starwars Battle Front did.

If you are familiar with Battle Front and enjoyed it you’ll probably find that you’ll enjoy this game too. Starwars Battle Front is still a popular title today, with a large community of gamers still playing online.

With Lord of The Rings Conquest you will be able to play cooperatively either 4 player split screen, or online across the internet.

Pandemic are covering most platforms, including PC, PS3, and the XBOX 360. The release date is set for 10 days from now on the 13th of January for U.S, 15th for Austrailia, and the 16th for Europe.

Happy Gaming Enjoy the short trailers below.

Good Trailer:

Bad Trailer:

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