Racedriver GRID the Game

Grid the Game

Grid the game by codemasters

Grid is a game by Codemasters who also previously created the game DiRT.
Anyway Grid is expected to be released by summer 2008. Anyone that waits for game’s to be released know’s that the release dates are always subject to change, delays etc. But seeing some of the gameplay of Grid and trailers it looks like Codemasters are up to scratch.
The game looks great it has about 50 cars, which maybe less than expected but they each have their own greatness about them. They are said to be 50 of the best racing cars that were made, which means you will have a great time driving them at very high speeds..

The cars each have their own way of breaking apart, meaning when taking on damage from hitting other objects or opponents you hit the bumper and it may fall off.

The damage engine they are using has derived from DiRT, but has been modified and changed alot since that game was developed.

They announced that this type of racer was not going to be an Arcade style racer or and Simulator Type racer. It was going to be inbetween, a cross between the both? maybe. It will have some aspects of a simluator and arcade style. This racing game Grid focuses on the race of racing, not modding your car improving performance, but the actually rush of being in a race. So all the cars will be unlocked ‘out of the box’, no need to play for days and days to unlock new cars.

The game is said to include many racing types, including drifting, and average speed race first to the finish.

Checkout the gallery on grid-game.com for some nice screenshots, and more information.

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