Apple Macbook Air review

The worlds thinnest notebook.

Apple Macbook Air

Apple have now brought out the thinnest notebook in the world!

The Macbook Air.

This amazing macbook is under 1 inch in thickness and weighs in at 3.0 pounds. This is the most portable macbook / laptop that has every hit the shops and if you are thinking of getting one then it would not be a mistake.

This ultrathin Apple notebook has a 13.3 inch widescreen which is LED backlit and has the same viewbale size screen as any other Macbook. This high resolution screen can give you 1280 by 800 resolution which gives even the lowest quality images an impressive look.

The Apple Macbook Air has all the benefits of high definition but in a very slim design.

Apple have given the Macbook Air the same keyboard as the standard Macbooks have but have added there own little twist to give you that little extra. Every key on the Apple Macbook Air has backlit illumination which makes it much easier to work in an area they does not contain a great amount of light such as meeting halls and taxis.

Not only does the Macbook Air have backlit keys they each have there own light sensor which automatically adjusts the keyboard to display the correct brightness for the best possible visibility.

Apple Macbook Air Keyboard

Macbook Air has an oversized touch pad which has multi touch technology. This allows you to rotate, zoom, swipe or even pinch text or images for adjustments. This is the same input as the iTouch and iPhone.

On the side of the Apple Macbook Air there is a flip down hatch to reveal all the ports you will including USB 2.0, headphone jack and a small DVI port which supports DVI, Composite, VGA and S-video outputs.

Macbook Air contains 2 gb of RAM and an impressive 80gb hard drive which allows lots of storage space.

Apple have included a built in iSight camera which is so small you can hardly see it. This allows you to chat online to anyone else in the world wherever you are. Very handy.

iSight Macbook Air camera

You will have a full wireless lifestyle with the Apple Macbook Air.

The Macbook Air comes with a 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR built in.

I hope my review for the new Apple Macbook Air has answered some of your questions.

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