Crysis 2 Warhead

Do you remember completing Crysis then wanting to fight some more alien entities, as the last words were something along the lines as, we are going back to the island.

Well we have good news, Crysis 2 or Crysis Warhead has been announced. So it looks like our wishes to eliminate some more alien have come true.

“Maximum freedom, maximum explosions and maximum Psycho!”

The Crysis Warhead Tag-line.

Crysis Warhead

In Crysis Warhead you will follow the role of SGT. Psycho Sykes on the other side of the island, from where ‘Crysis one’ began. So it doesn’t look like you’ll be going on to the next part of the story just yet, but instead reenacting what happened to Psycho whilst Nomad wasn’t there.

Most probably the last, Crysis 3, will be both Nomad and Psycho which means…. Co-operative play?! Co-op is a great feature and should be introduced! Even if its in the last game.

Crysis Warhead is said to bring more weapons, vehicles, and multiplayer content. Whilst this is all great news and Crysis Warhead is coming up in September 2008!

We were looking forward to Patch v1.3 for Crysis, but as we found out they had to cancel the patch. This is the message that we had from the Crysis Team, explaining why they had to cancel patch 1.3.

As you know, it was a very hard decision for us to cancel Patch 1.3, but in the end it was important we shift our focus to some of the new and exciting things we are doing with Crysis Warhead. We have a lot of great content planned for the community and as we get closer to launch, we’ll be sharing a lot of details of what we are working on behind the scenes. This was the main reason behind the cancellation of the patch and while piracy was and continues to be an issue with Crysis, it did not have any role in our decision to cancel this patch.

We also want to make sure you all know that we are not ending our support of Crysis. We still have, our official modding portal, up and running – a great meeting place not only for modders, but also for all who are interested in playing new, custom content. In addition we have plans to continue updating the CryENGINE2 documentation and video tutorials frequently.

And of course, your dedicated community management teams are still here and active in our official forums and fansite forums.

The important point is that we are not giving up on our current community and we hope that the announcement today pleased you. Stay tuned for more information on Crysis Warhead… there is a lot more to come!

Anyway Crysis Warhead will be ran on the well known CryEngine 2 with modifications and improvements. So we know what we’re in for when we ask what graphical capabilities and requirements the game has.

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