Crysis Coop / Co-operative Play Mod Fight as One

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crysis co-op play mod

Where is Crysis Coop mode?!

The 1 thing we all might liked to have seen in crysis is an option to be able to play in co-op mode with at least one friend, a few of games do offer coop play like e.g gears of war, halo and lots of new genre games. Apparently we didn’t get to see this in crysis because of when the group testing was over they found that most people like to play the power struggle mode, which obviously they hoped would hold people’s attention because they didn’t include any other play modes. Although power struggle is quite nice, i and many other people would like to have seen crysis co-op.

Assault Crysis co-op mod ” Fight as One “

“Assault coop” and “Modders in Kombat” Crysis co-op mod ” Fight as One ” have joined forces and are proud to bring you the sequel to the old mod from far cry.

I was reading over at the mod database about this thrilling mod for crysis and how it will change the way we play crysis. Although the author was creating his own levels and maps for us to fight through playing together. It seems like a big step for a coop mod for crysis. Here is the crysis mod for coop updates page:

The Author quoted:

I definitely want to make the zombies like “I Am Legend”. Since there is a night and day cycle system in crysis, why not make the players fear the darkness? XD Another gamemode I was planning was “survival roleplay”. The goal is that you get to roam around in a huge map(city, village, forest, etc.) and do objectives like taking over a base, saving people, assassinations. I just want to see how to the flowgraph can make this happen šŸ˜€

The mod sounds good it can also be integrated with the current crysis campaign missions so we can play through the whole game together, i wonder how many people you could have in a co-op multiplayer!

Just two people would be fine for most, a squad would be even cooler.

I think people will be looking forward to helping each other complete parts of the game, it does also say that once you have died you will stay dead but their will be tools to help revive a team mate.

Fight as One co-op Trailer

Glad to spot this co-op mod, keep your eyes peeled on this one!

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  1. Hello….PLS release BETA or FULL version I and MY FRINED NEED COOP..Mod is pretty….I wating mod 4 mounth..PLS send me mail you question PLS— šŸ™‚ …PS is GOOD COOP is BEST!!!!

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