iTouch January software upgrade release

Even more to touch.

Apple have now released the new iTouch January upgrade.

The iTouch upgrade can be yours for £12.99 ($19.99) from the official Apple website.

If you wish to purchase the upgrade click here for Apple Uk and here for Apple US . I am going to go through each part of the update step by step so you can decide for yourself whether to upgrade your iTouch.

New Customizable iTouch Home Screen

iTouch customized home screen

Break away from the crowd and customize your iTouch home screen to how you want it. This part of the iTouch upgrade has definitely been long coming and in my view should have been on the iTouch from the day they released it.

The i Touch dock can now hold up to 8 home pages and you are able to rearrange all of your home screen icons in any order you wish and you can also now create bookmark shortcuts to your favorite websites to make a 1 touch action to save time when browsing in Safari.

Overall this part of the upgrade seems to be a nice touch by Apple.

iTouch Mail

iTouch upgrade mail

Apple have decided that the iTouch should be the first ipod with email.

In the January upgrade you can now access your emails which comes in handy for both business and personal use.

The mail upgrade allows you to view emails in html format which displays graphics and photos as well as pdf, Microsoft word and Excel formats. The mail section of the upgrade basically works exactly the same as any PC / Apple Mac email client.

This is the best mail client that any hand held hardware has ever had.

iTouch Maps

iTouch January upgrade Maps

The iTouch Maps upgrade comes in very handy if you travel alot by car or foot.

iTouch Maps finds your approximate location and brings up a map which displays directions for where you need to get to.

You can also drop pin points on the map to for points of interest like bars, cinemas and restaurants.

It works the same way as a sat nav but you can be anywhere is the world and it will find where you are.

The only let down to i Touch maps is that you can not view any map if you do not have access to a Wi-Fi connection which can be a let down.

But never the less iTouch Maps is a good part to the January upgrade.

iTouch widgets

iTouch January upgrade widgets iTouch January update widgetsiTouch January Upgrade widgets

The widgets part of the upgrade contains little Apple applications that help with everyday things.

iTouch Weather widget

Get your seven day forecast including the highs and the lows of many places all over the world.

Again you do need a Wi-Fi connection but can give you piece of mind that you wont get soaked when out walking.

iTouch Notes Widget

This widget is very handy for all you forgetful people out there. Write notes for events coming up or even just to set a reminder for a meeting.

It is much the same as the Sticky notes application on the new Apple Mac leopard operating system.

The notes widget can be used for business or personal use.

Overall a very nice and comes in handy.

iTouch Stocks widget

The iTouch stock widget allows to check all your stocks and shares over a course of a day, month or even a whole year. This is definitely a good widget for business men and women who need to find out up to date figures throughout there day.

Overall the iTouch January upgrade in my eye is worth the £12.99 Apple are charging and I would recommend anyone who has the iTouch to purchase it today.

Check back soon for more news on the Apple iTouch.

9 Replies to “iTouch January software upgrade release”

  1. I just wanted to drop a note to let folks know that the iTouch Notes Widget allows you to email your note to any email address. I was a bit frustrated when first using this widget as it doesn’t sync the information with my Outlook nor does it place the information anywhere in iTunes. But, you may email your Notes by touching on the little envelope at the bottom of the “pad,” as long as you’re near a WiFi. Happy about that.

  2. Thats a good point, iTouch notes not being able to sync with MS Outlook, and thanks for the pointer Michelle on emailing the notes across.

  3. Hmm couple of issues with the Itouch Ipod.

    1) Note, they’re great but surely they should be link to OUTLOOK notes. That way you could type your notes on the computer and then transfer them to the Itouch and back the other way

    Quick notes like shopping lists etc, but nothing else.. we need to access them from our laptop!!

    2)No copy and paste options.. it you can’t copy text out of an email and paste into a note for saving off etc.. WHY?

  4. I can’t seem to find the itouch update in itunes? Does anyone know how to get to it?

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