Crysis Latest Patch Release Download v1.1!

Crysis Patch

Today Crysis Latest Patch was released and is available to download! (Patch version v1.1)

The Crysis Patch is about 139.1mb in size and has alot of common bug fixes etc. Here are a full list of featurs that the crysis patch v1.1 contains.

Now its really time to see if what you had waited for along with a lot of other crysis fans was worth it, and to see if Crytek have done a good job in keeping us the community happy Smile. I’ll update this post with my thoughts on the patch a bit later.

For now you can download the crysis latest patch ( version 1.1 ) from any of these mirrors below and a full list of bug which the patch will amend below that.

Crysis Patch Mirrors for Downloading

in Crysis
File Shack
Gamers Hell* Recommended by
Game Spot


  • Fixed: Potential crash in D3D10
  • Fixed: Orange boxes apearing when hispec savegame loaded into lowspec game.
  • Fixed: Inconsistent damage dealt to vehicles when shot by LAW.
  • Fixed: Reflection resolution on D3D10, MultiGPU reflection update fix
  • Fixed: Memory leak with FSAA modes
  • Fixed: Infinite ammo hacks.
  • Fixed: Memory leak in D3D10 when switching screen modes
  • Fixed: Muti optimizations
  • Fixed: When player melees during gun raise animation, their gun will be in a permanently raised position.
  • Fixed: Crash when loading savegame with level exported recently by editor
  • Fixed: Virtual keyboard does not function properly when a game pad is connected
  • Fixed: Users can lose the ability to look around with the Right Stick
  • Fixed: Setting screen resolution to “default” stops user from selecting last resolution
  • Fixed: Bug when changing resolution in D3D10
  • Fixed: Issues with Depth of field and water droplets in D3D10
  • Fixed: Crash on NaN warning


  • Added: Motion Blur UI and V.SYNC UI options
  • Optimized: Motion blur
  • Optimized: FSAA (Full Scene Anti-Aliasing)
  • Optimized sound id implementation
  • Enabled VSync functionality in D3D10
  • New benchmarking files for ice CPU benchmark.
  • http/xmlrpc password protected remote control session
  • Marked debug cvars as cheat
  • F12 (screenshot) now works in restricted mode as well


  • Reduced LAW splash damage vs. infantry in PowerStruggle mode
  • Slowed Rocket projectile speed down in MP slightly
  • Disabled automatic turret bounding boxes on vehicles to prevent issues with LAW hit
  • detection
  • Reduced grenade explosion radius in multiplayer
  • Clamped water tesselation to avoid cheating in MP
  • MultiGPU improvements with depth map updates

A short patch error and troubleshooting guide below:
Quote from Community Manager Alex:

Greetings Community!We have seen some people are reporting issues when trying to install patch 1.1 for Crysis. Following are a few early workarounds for you to look at.

1. Revert Back To Original Files

One solution is to revert back the original files your Crysis installation which include:

  • ..\Crysis\Game\Localized: different language .pak file (use the standard langauge .pak you have when installing the game)
  • ..\Crysis\Game\Config\: modified .cfg files (use the standard .cfg files delivered with Crysis)
  • ..\Crysis\Game\Config\CVarGroups: modified .cfg files (use the standard .cfg files delivered with Crysis)
  • ..\Crysis\Game\: modified .pak files (use the standard .pak files delivered with Crysis)
  • As alternative a clean and fresh Crysis installation might be the solution as well.

2. Install Problems Under Vista

In the case you are running Windows Vista and get an error during the installation please do following:

  • Right click on the Patch 1.1 Setup .exe file
  • Click on “Run as Administrator”.

3. Turn Off Daemon-Tools

If you are running Daemon Tools turn them off and try to re-start the installation of Patch 1.1.

4. EA Download Manager – Install Problems

We are currently investigating and trying to provide a solution as quickly as possible.

Please let us know if you find further workarounds or if there are additional problems. Smile


Enjoy the latest patch, Check back soon after a little gaming time for an update at!

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