Samsung G600 Mobile Phone Review | Comparison

Im about to write a short review on the samsung g600, which i have owned for a few months.

So please read on why i had to just make the g600 review, to help all our readers.

I havn’t been impressed with the samsung g600 mobile phone at all, all the phones i have had before i am happy with. This phone has been disappointing. I’m comparing this mostly to my Sony Ericsson w810i which is only £70-£80 now. And i think that phone does far more.

G600 Mobile Phone Review

Further more..

The samsung g600 mobile phone has a few disappointments as follows:

  • Firstly you cannot set your message tone as an mp3. You have to select from about 4 set tones.
  • If you want to set a ringing tone it can only be done from the mp3’s on the phone (not memory card).
  • No slide tone like the other Samsungs.
  • The mobile runs slowly, when switching menus and texting the response from the mobile is slow.
  • Bluetooth on g600 fails to some mobiles like the sony erricson, but the other mobile does find the samsung.
  • The songs and other content loaded onto the memory card gets automatically moved to the phone, unless the phones memory’s full.
  • The sound is very tinny compared to my last mobile. not as clear. Expected it to be a little less as my last mobile was a walkman mobile, not that much though.
  • The paintof the shiney metalic samsung g600, is chipping off at the side already after a month, i keep my phone in good condition all the time my last mobiles hardly have a scratch on them after 2 years.
  • No flashlight function where you do not need to have to be taking a picture to have the light on. I find this quite useful sometimes.

3 Good points about the g600 are that…

  • You can create your own themes for the phone (on the mobile itself).
  • The camera being 5 mega pixel and video being o.k quality
  • The screen is clear.

‘The samsung mobile g600 isnt as good as it looks I’d recommend getting the new Sony Ericsson w910i, honestly even the w810i worth £80 now is better.’

I’m stuck with this phone for now, until a i decide to buy the new Sony Ericsson mobile. For the value of this mobile phone i don’t think its worth it at all. Well thats my view so far on the phone.

Thats it for my g600 review!

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