How to open crysis console

We have had many hits from people just searching how to open crysis console just requesting how to open console and type in a few commands might come naturally to some people but if you don’t know how or you have never done it, you need to be shown.

To open crysis console you press the the button to the left of ‘1’, below ‘Esc’, just above ‘tab’ on most standard keyboards, Ive included a keyboard picture which points out the correct button, this button is common for console in most games,

Crysis console key

type normally the command you want to use.

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  1. wat if u have vista?
    i have vista home premium 64bit, and pressing ~ wont open the console…
    wat can i do?

  2. What about a Europien keyboard? Mine has no ~, it is on the key with # on it.

  3. The image is just a reference to where the key is my keyboard does not have the ‘~’ character in the same place either, but has ‘¬’ character instead, it is still positioned in the same place though.

    I tried it on Vista and XP MCE both worked, I’ve heard that many people can’t open console due to some strange reason, lets hope its fixed in Crysis: Warhead! 😀

  4. I also have Vista 64-bit Home Premium edition and pressing tilde will not bring up the console. Any ideas?

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