How to Remove / Removing Crysis Intro Movies

The intro movies, the clips before crysis starts can be quite annoying to watch each time you play and load the game. Ive created a simple script that will allow you to remove and restore the crysis movies, for when you want to see them and don’t want to. The crysis intro movie script will allow you to remove crysis intro movies with a simple dialog box yes or no.
Download the script below.

Remove crysis intro movies Download HERE

Place this script in your crysis intro folder located at
“Drive:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Game\Localized\Video”

By default.

no intro dialog

Then run the script and thats it! Keep it for later to restore the movies if you need to.

Removing crysis intro movies is pretty simple! Enjoy playing Crysis with a faster half the load up time!

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