go Boggle software, learning word game!

Free Download Go Boggle Click Here – 1.94 mb

Ive completed it, in single player mode anyway! ( go Boggle )

I’m going to release this this small learning word game to the public, free ofcourse, maybe it will help users that are foreign improve your English skills, or maybe it will just be a fun to play game. Inspired by the board game Boggle! This version is English so only English words will work.

With over 140,000 words it will check nearly any word input into it, getting correct ‘English words’ results each time.

Theres a few small bugs, nothing that will harm your fun.


1. Save the file somewhere,

2. Open it,

3. Select the round time, i suggest playing each round for about 2-3 minutes to improve your skills. 3 minutes plus can become boring guessing each word.

4. Press start game. You will be presented with letters that represent a boggle game board

5. Link the letters closest to create words then add them to your word list

6. Once the time is over click on your score to see detailed results of your longest word etc.

The rules are the same as board game boggle, Boggle rules (Click Here) . The Multi player feature is unavailable, at current. I haven’t had time to complete multiplayer, but i intend to complete it if i get enough positive response for this small game.

Here a few screen shots of ‘go boggle’

Go boggle

go boggle screen shot 2

go boggle score

For now why not try commenting back with your scores and the time taken, and any awards got! Download Go Boggle at the top of this post – its just a small file of 1.94 MB

Hope you all have fun with go boggle, and improve your word and English skills while your at it.

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