Is the Google Nexus 5 more popular than the Nexus 6?

I recently took a look at the Google trends for the Nexus 5 and the Nexus 6 as I was curious to see how popular the Nexus 6 really was.

After the Nexus 6 was released I wasn’t convinced that it would make it as far as the Nexus 5 due to 2 main factors, for me, a higher price point and the sheer size.

As you can see the chart shows even when the Nexus 6 was at its peak of interest(according to Google Trends) that this was the only point in time that the Nexus 6 surpassed interest than that of the Nexus 5. This is very intriguing to say as soon after in November the Nexus 5 was once again taking much more interest than the Nexus 6 at 44/31.

Were people looking at the Nexus 5 for a price drop when the Nexus 6 was released?

Google knew that the public were still looking at the Nexus 5 and restocked it for a limited time. Although currently right now the Nexus 5 is “out of inventory” looking at the play store.
I’m sure the Nexus 6 at one point in time will take the lead when looking at the Nexus 5 vs Nexus 6 trends, especially as Google fazes out the Nexus 5. Though maybe the public is not ready for the Nexus 6.
Size? Price? Who really knows, it could have just been that other manufacturers were ahead of Google in the smartphone game. What we do know is looking at the statistics from Google, there is still more interest in the Nexus 5 than new release of the Nexus 6.