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Crysis Warhead is coming up close, just over a month away from release on the 26/09/2008,

Here is a current full list of features that Crysis Warhead contains, including AUTO MAP Downloads, and patching system. Its what i am looking forward to most on this list.

Crysis Warhead

Crysis Warhead for PC Features:

  • A new installment in the Crysis adventure.
  • Standalone single player campaign – does not require Crysis to play. (Developed by Crytek Budapest.)
  • Tells the Sykes war story, Parallel Story to the original Crysis experience.
  • 8+ hours playtime.
  • All-new weapons and new player vehicles.
  • Standalone Multiplayer, Warzone (tentative name) with new content. (Developed by Crytek Frankfurt.)
  • More Explosive and Dynamic Gameplay.
  • Play as the energetic, short-fused Sgt. Michael Sykes and prepare for intense, explosive skirmishes
  • All Warhead levels build on the Crytek sandbox approach maximising player choice and freedom to choose your preferred tactical approach.
  • Pulse-Racing New Story.
  • Script development involving Susan O’Connor (Bioshock).
  • Cinematic storyline focusing on Sgt. Sykes’ secret mission.
  • Stunning New Photorealistic Environments.
  • Ice Caves, Foggy Swamps, Airfields, Action-packed Train Ride and more.
  • Visuals enhancement over original Crysis.
  • New Global Illumination Lighting technology.
  • Enhanced Human and Alien AI.
  • New squad support immerses the player in battle.
  • “Smart” Alien Mechs.
  • Faster reactions and optimised group tactics.
  • Improved Performance.
  • Extended and optimised version of CryEngine 2.
  • Improved visual features without hardware impact.
  • “Gamer” System Setting Optimised.
  • Crysis Warzone Multiplayer Experience.
  • All-new game modes.
  • Team Instant Action.
  • Improved Crysis Game Modes.
  • Team Action, and revamped Powerstruggle matches.
  • 12 new maps (Five maps were previously releases as free downloadable, 7 never before seen).
  • New vehicles and weapons.
  • Auto map downloads and patching system.

Crysis Warhead is retailing very cheap, about £18 thats a great price for a stand alone game. (you won’t need vanilla crysis to play this) Although if you are going to go for Crysis Warhead you should at least know the story or have played original Crysis. Crysis Warhead had said to be optimized for a PC worth just $600 so cheaper than ever more optimized than ever, great graphics, great improvements!

I know I’m sold.

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