Motorstorm 2 Coming to PS3

Game Overview and First Look

A lot of gamers got Motorstorm 2’s predecessor ‘Motorstorm’ shipped and bought with their PS3 in a package. Sony are planning to bring you Motorstorm 2 this year 2008. Sony only being the publishers, this game was created originally by Evolution Studios , but Sony have since then acquired Evolution Studios who have a good background in game development especially racing games. Although Motorstorm 2 will be a bigger, badder great game to play it will still use the same game engine as motorstorm, although this doesn’t seem to be a draw back of any kind because the original motorstorm had stunning visuals anyway.

motorstorm 2 cgi

Talking of visuals motorstorm 2 is not going to be located in desert and sandy dunes like its predecessor motorstorm. Players are going to experience another type of scene where you will be driving and riding though jungle and vast vegetation areas, which reminds me of the lush environment crysis was set in, and these scenes definitely can open some eyes.

Take a look below at the screen shots from the trailer and ever further for the motorstorm 2 trailer itself.

motorstorm 2 motorstorm 2 monster truck

Whats New

Motorstorm 2 brings you:

  • lush interactive environments
  • new vehicles including Monster Trucks!
  • And obviously tons more tracks.
  • More features to come I’m sure but right now they are unannounced

Another great feature will be 4 player split screen which I am sure a lot of gamers want when they have their friends and family over.

Motorstorm 2 Trailer

Or Click Here for the motorstorm 2 high definition trailer WORTH IT!

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