Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Beta 4 Download is Available

Firefox 3 Overview

First of all before i start this short overview Download Mozilla Firefox 3! while you read.

And enjoy a few cool pictures i found whilst finding out some information about Firefox 3.

fire fox girl fire fox crop circle Firefox 3 breast cat

That’s right one of the worlds most favored web browser’s mozilla firefox 3! is available for download as a beta version 4. The smart, and small browser compared to its web browser rival’s, FireFox has taken the web browsing experience by storm and more and more people use Firefox everyday.

Internet Users have seemed to start using Firefox for its great new features that other browser like Internet Explorer have started to implement. Firefox also has a cleaner interface that was very basic looking, but kept everything that any user needed.

Plugins, themes, and community based development is a great feature in Firefox unlike Microsoft’s Internet explorer too.

Lets see what Firefox 3 has in store for us anyway.


Yeah thats right.. as strange as it may seem what could improve FireFox.

FireFox 3 contains many improvements, When i actually started up this Firefox 3 beta 4 version, it seemed like there was something missing, so of course i checked back to the old firefox and checked back in Firefox 3 again, i thought to myself its got everything that Firefox version 2 has, why does it look cleaner, i managed to notice that there was only no google bar on Firefox 3, because of it being a clean installation.

Take a look at the cleanliness!

FireFox 3

Firefox 3 also has many additional anti-spy and anti pop up methods, which is great! although i didn’t have many pop up or spy ware problems with Firefox , everyone i come across did with Internet Explorer! Go Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox 3 has also incorporated a more browsing history information, more information! Don’t worry there maybe more information displayed on your screen, but they have managed to keep it as clean as the Firefox browser has maintained through the years.

Take a look click here at the new browsing history information!

Firefox 3 browsing history

Well enough of my browsing history. If you haven’t already got it, then download Firefox 3 now and click here to download Mozilla Firefox 3 beta 4!

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