Football Superstars MMOG! Beta Testing SOON!

Football Superstars Overview

football superstars

Website: Football Superstars Website Click Here

Football Superstars is an Massively Multi-player Online Game, in which of course you will be playing as a football player. I know this game will appeal to so many people as there are a lot of football fans out there.

Football Superstars is currently due to be released this year 2008. Although there is no exact date confirmed it is expected to be this summer sometime.

Like most MMOG’s Football Superstars will feature a epic world in which players can explore different parts of. This game is not all about being a player on the pitch but also taking the Superstar to the max and enjoying what players do off the pitch ( saying that i doubt the age rating will be that high so don’t expect to see or do everything they get up to Wink ).

The game will feature full TEAMS create your own team with a few mates or just people you meet online, I’ve not seen this type of MMOG before but this looks like it is going well!

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The good stuff

Football Superstars is soon to be released as a beta phase and you the public will be able to test it.  The graphics from screen shots do not look as good as some MMOG’s and MMORPG’s that we have seen around today, but they look sufficient and that they will serve the purpose of what they need.

In Football Superstars its said in the Developer’s diary’s that you WILL be able to customize your players look.

Checkout their site get signed up, and make sure you fill out all the information and you will have a chance for Beta testing Football Superstars very soon!

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