Crysis Co-op Mod Update, with Zombies

Zombies in Assault Mod Crysis CO-OP

sandy dunes crysis mod co-op crysis co-op zombies

A while ago now an article was written about the Crysis coop mod not long ago an update with a video had been released containing ZOMBIES!

these zombies are WIP. this is just displaying the zombie behavior or character in game. the map and zombies will be in Assault Coop Crysis.

Here are a few image’s captured from the implementation of Korean zombies, running across the Sandy Dunes which i think actually looks like a great area to be placed in with a hundred zombies, not sure if this is just a test area for flameknight7 the developer. Assault Crysis COOP Mod looks to be coming together quite well.

I’m glad there re a lot of users looking forward to it.

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