New Razer Mouse? Razer product March 2008

New Razer Product March 2008

Received an email today stating

It reads more details to come on the 4th of March! Do you think they have a new razer mouse in store for us?

Heres an image from their site:

 new razor mouse speed of the light

If razer are releasing a new mouse for us We’ll definitely know soon, if you go onto their site you can put in your email address and be the first to know what they are doing.

I’ll be surprised if its a brand new mouse as they have made so many expensive mice in a small amount of time.

The speed of the light is most probably referring to either the infrared or laser that a mouse has. Considering their fastest 1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms response time mouse at the moment is Razer Precision with 3G Laser :

4000dpi Razer Precision 3G Laser™ sensor
The Razer Lachesis ™ reigns supreme with a true 4000dpi 3G Laser™ sensor, which enables movement speeds of 5 times that of a standard 800dpi optical sensor. View the Razer 3G Laser white paper

I wonder how fast the new mouse will let you move. If it is a new mouse…

Check out their site!

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