Edge10 H170 LCD Monitor Review

Edge10 H170 Design

Well take a look, the vivid screen image looks great. The frame in silver yes this is nothing special we’ve seen a silver frame before, it looks pretty simplistic and the buttons are in the bottom right of the H170 LCD monitor.

Stand hm… now this isn’t very impressive either when you recieve a brand new one of these the stand is easily fixable to the screen itself. There is a hole in the stand which a clip on the bottom of the screens stem will clip into. this is pretty secure. but is very hard to take off and pack away.

edge10 h170

The Good

This screen is simple and the frame is small for maximum view. Sound is included as 2 x 2w stereo. The stand takes up minimal room and the screen itself is not bad to look at.

The Bad

Okay a point about these Edge10 screens I’ve had 5 of these and 3 of them have been replaced under warranty because the power was not working on them, the problem was not with my power but something was wrong with the screens. The serial numbers were something close e.g 1110, 1111, 1112. So it probably was a bad batch (let me know if you have similar problems). As i mentioned earlier the stand is hard to decompile. The sound is quite tinny.

Edge10 H170 Specification

Screen Size: 17″
Resolution : 1280 x 1024
Type : Stunning Design (aparrently, looks pretty simplistic to me)
Audio : 2 x 2W – Stereo
Features : DVI Input
Colour : Silver Black

Should i buy one?

If your looking for a screen just to replace an old crt monitor or a broken screen then yes, they are cheap and won’t break your bank. If you are looking for something a bit more upto date and more stable.. longer lasting go for something else.

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    Unfortunately this is a Brand review rather than this particular model, but its so important i feel you all should be aware before buying an EDGE10 monitor.

    We had one die on us, phoned in and after 2 days of back and forth they agreed a swapout, BUT we were told “none in stock at the moment” and they will NOT replace like for like with another similar model. We were told to wait for the “next shipment” which is “every 2 days” OR get a repair job done which is 5-10 days turnaround with NO replacement during repair. Obviously we went for the swapout option.

    14days passed with no callbacks and no updates and of course no monitor. We were told that shipments ARE coming in every 2 days but not our model!!!

    I have now discovered that the customer support number in the UK that they give is NOT EDGE10, it is a company called RepairTech i.e. third party, they look after a few different brands and they are given very little info by EDGE10.

    They have a POSTAL complaints department, and RepairTech cust services management refuse to take phone calls and do not return messages.

    Maybe its not repairtech’s fault, maybe Edge10 are limiting uk stock badly and its their decision not to replace with other models, or maybe its not EDge10’s fault and that repairtech decide the rules, i dont know, but we paid Edge10 for the monitor and thats who we have to blame…

    So, beware, these monitos DO sometimes breakdown and if they do be prepared, have a spare, and dont expect a replacement anytime soon.

  2. Thanks for your input.

    This story, sounds all to familiar, its the same reaction I’ve had from them when replacing the 3 faulty monitors, I actually recently had another one of these monitors go, this time I am not going to get them to replace it.
    I’m going with another brand.

  3. Finally today they say they have stock, which arrived 2 days ago, note that they didnt phone me, i phoned THEM today myself for an update…nice…of course they say at 2pm the next day delivery cutoff is past which means no monday delivery (its friday today), we are due to get them Tuesday.

    Not to mention i have queued today on the phone for 15mins, then the lady put me on hold for another 5mins (no music just “beep beep, beep beep” haha) while she went to “check stock” meaning probably their stock system was faulty too!!

    Original monitor fault logged on 3rd Jan, as of 23rd Jan still no monitor…

    I’ve just found out RepairTech look after Hanns-G as well!!! if this is true then we are in real trouble, Hanns-G gets a lot of awards for monitor value and quality and we have a good few of those too!!

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