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What is 3DMark Vantage

If your a PC Gamer then you know of 3DMark Most probably 3DMark 05 or 3DMark 06, and thats all great but theres something you should know about and thats 3DMark Vantage!

3DMark Vantage is a Benchmarking tool for your PC created by Futuremark, especially good for users that game lots and want to keep their PC up with latest technology. 3DMark Vantage is “the” benchmarking tool for direct x10!

Direct x10 Requires new hardware of a higher spec than dx9 hardware 3D Mark Vantage is suppose to process all the new dx10 features.

3D Mark Vantage New features

So what features does the new 3DMark Vantage give users? Well as we now know Vantage will be taking advantage of all dx10 features.

  • Geometry Shaders – You will see this in 3DMark Vantage’s Star Simulation if you want to know more on geometry shaders click here for a good article.
    geometry shaders
  • Water and Cloth Simulation using the GPU – This was previously done by using the CPU.
    water simulation
  • Anamorphic flare – you get an anamorphic lens flare when direct light hits the camera (your view).
    anamorphic flare
  • Lenticular Halo – A Lenticular halo is formed usually around a light and displays a spectrum of colour’s
    lenticular halo
  • Tone Mapping – tone mapping is usually to create the image more detailed by adjusting contrast and other bits, again if you want to find out more about tone mapping theres a great article on wikipedia
    HDRI example
  • Motion Blur – motion blur is when objects in your view will become distorted an blurred from movement and motion blur is more commonly used when you move your camera in game, a good example of this is Crysis.
    motion blur
  • Film Grain Noise – You will usually find this happens if there is a problem with your camera and you get lots of speckles, but it can also be used as a technique of displaying graphics for certain purposes.
    field grain noise
  • Depth of Field – depth of field occurs when the lens/camera and in game will blur out the rest of the screen and only keep what your looking at in focus.
    depth of field
  • And many more will be covered!

Developers diary 1 & 2

3DMark Vantage References and Links

3DMark Vantage Website and Dev Diary – http://www.futuremark.com/3dmarkvantage/

3DMark Vantage’s Official – http://futuremark.yougamers.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=91

Will you be able to run it? – http://www.yougamers.com/gameometer/10171

Great news for Top PC gamers, thanks to futuremark!

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