Project Offset Engine and Editor Information

Project Offset Short Review and Some Information

What do you think? If your a gamer you have probably heard of the Offset Engine, or Project Offset by now.

Available for both Xbox360 and pc this game looks like it will suit lots of peoples interests, Read on to find out more about project offset and the offset engine, offset editor etc.
Project offset sewer room Project offset inner wall

If not heres a short piece of history for the project and the Offset team:

Offset Software started as 3 people: Sam McGrath, Travis Stringer and Trevor Stringer. Initally working out of an apartment and completely self-funded, the engine and all art was created with a tiny budget — just enough to purchase the software and hardware needed for development. The budget was small but the goal was big: to create a next generation First Person Shooter set in a fantasy world (codenamed “Project Offset”), and a powerful game engine to run it.

After a year and a half of programming work by Sam McGrath on the game engine, and with the amazing artistic skills of Travis and Trevor Stringer, the three released the two “Sneak Peek” videos, showing off the technology and world behind Project Offset. The videos took the gaming industry by storm, showing that high quality, next generation technology, graphics, and gameplay rivaling that of the biggest game studios, could still be created by a small team.”

Set in The Lands of Aylon Project Offset looks promising said to cover all the aspects of a good first person shooter with some rpg elements to it.

The Offset team have came up with stunning visuals and a powerful offset engine!

Project Offset will be available for xbox and pc!

This information has been taken from their own website.

Project Offset Engine Information

The Offset Engine is a complete platform for creating next generation games for the Xbox 360 and PC. Every aspect of the engine is designed around the goal of reducing development time and cost, while empowering designers and artists with the tools they need to create spectacular visual effects and immersive environments.

For Designers – The Offset architecture is different from any other engine out there. The game logic and editor are directly linked, allowing level designers to work and think in new ways. The core principle we have been developing around is fast iteration. A designer can block out a level, setup AI, test gameplay, and then iterate on these aspects very quickly. All the game logic runs in the editor which means instant feedback and on-the-fly testing.

For Artists – The Offset Engine empowers artists to create, change and experiment with visuals without needing a programmer. The shader builder, effects editor, and animation editor all share the same graphical interface and node based architecture.

For Programmers – Programmers will appreciate the straightforward layout of Offset’s cross-platform code base. The C++ code is clearly separated into sections for the core engine, renderer, editor, game, and generic libraries. Additionally, all resource files are specified in easy to read XML format, making it easy to track down bugs caused by bad assets.

For Teams – The Offset Engine is designed to scale well to large development teams. A modularized code base, asset manager, and layer system in the editor gives teams the tools they need to organize a next gen project.

The City of Abinden

Project Offset Locations and The Lands of Aylon

The Lands of Aylon are lands in which free animals and creatures, at this time everything is still under extreme work, but its gradually looking more and more intersting. So far on the project offset website they have listed 6 different location’s.

Here below is a current list of all the question and answers on the project offset site since 17th of January 2007.

What kind of game is Project Offset (working Title)?
Project Offset (working title) is a action game within a fantasy setting containing FPS elements. At its core, the game relies more on player skill and coordination than equipment & ranks.

What platforms will this game be released on?
As of this writing, Project Offset (working title) is planned for released on windows-based PCs and Xbox 360

When will this game be released?
The official release date for this project has not been announce at this time.

Is Project Offset (working title) a Massively-Multiplayer On-line Role-Playing Game (MMORPG)?
No. Project Offset (working title) is a single-player/multiplayer action game.

I want to join the team! How do I submit my application?

Current position openings may be found here. Simply follow the instructions listed below the position(s) you are applying for.

“(Working Title)”? What Gives?
Project Offset is the code name for the game currently in development. Its true name has not been officially announce and, upon its official announcement, will replace the working title currently displayed.

Will Project Offset (working title) be Mod-Friendly?
As with all PCs titles, game modifications (mods) help add to a game’s longevity. Offset Software realizes this and will release tools to help potential mod-makers create new material for extended play.

So if you havn’t checked this game out already, nows the time.

I’ll give the Offset Team a 9/10 for effort so far. Shame theres no release date as of yet but who knows how close it is.

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