Race Driver GRID Demo Review

Addicting! Download it!

Race driver GRID

I advise you to turn on your download(click download) before reading this, its about 800meg and if you don’t download it now, you’ll most probably want to after reading.

I have been playing the GRID demo for the last couple of days. It has shown me a lot and gave great insight to the game. The demo features, 3 modes of game play:

  • Touring Cars
  • Pro Muscle
  • Drift

Touring Cars is your high speed race tracks, the demo has Jarama’s Grand Prix Circuit which is 2.36 miles and you are able to drive the BMW 320SI. You are able to play this track both single player and multiplayer across the internet.

Pro Muscle is your big litre engines and on the demo you are able to drive a Ford Mustang GT-R Concept (below) Which gives you access to the San Francisco Grand Prix race track. This race can also be played online(i know, what are code masters doing releasing all this content?)

Ford Mustang GT-R Concept

Drift i haven’t played much, i don’t usually go for drifting type of games, but it has now become a standard in the racing video game industry, unless your going for a simulator that is. Race Drive GRID Demo allows you to play in a Nissan Silvia on Yokohama Docks Route A1, a Jap track.

As we know Race driver GRID is an arcade slash simulator, a mixture of the two which has actually been done very well, by codemasters.

A message appears on a starting screen of the game stating

“This is a demo and does not represent the final quality of the game”

For a demo there is so much content and is a real tease for the game itself. If you don’t have enough money for the game. At least download the free demo, *chuckle*. It not only features single play but great multiplayer too.

The damage is great(oh be careful online) you will notice all sorts of things that you haven’t seen before dangle from your wreck. Online damage will still be taken into consideration, if turned on in the settings by the host.

You will see the occasional raving lunatic that wants to obliterate your car to smithereens, but you can avoid these guys by making sure you look both to your left and right occasionally.

If you haven’t already download the demo and try this baby out!

As always i recommend http://www.gamershell.com high speed, quick and easy for the most.

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