Review for xbox 360 Intercooler Hardware

Right some of you that are viewing my post may be wondering what the xbox 360 intercooler actually is or maybe even just to see what I think of it before you purchase your own (if you are thinking this then please hold fire until you read what I have to say).

Firstly the xbox 360 intercooler is a piece of xbox 360 hardware that is supposed to COOL down the components inside your xbox 360 console. This hardware simply plugs into the back of your xbox 360 console and the power lead plugs into the back of it.

Please see my illustrations to show this:


xbox 360 intercooler hardware pluged in
At this point in time you are most probably thinking:

“right the intercooler plugs into my xbox 360 console and doesn’t look bad and also helps the components keep cool so I can play games like Gears of War and Halo 3 for longer. What is this kid talking about!”

If you are thinking the above then you are so wrong.

Yes it sounds great but the bottom line is, that the intercooler doesn’t help your xbox 360 it actually breaks it!!

This piece of hardware is one of the main reasons alot of people get the xbox 360 dreaded red ring of death. Trust me I know this from experience as it has happened to me. If you don’t know what the xbox 360 red ring of death is then please see the below image and I would like to add that I really hope it does not happen to you.

xbox 360 red ring of death

When you get the ring of death it is one of the worst feelings ever as this means your xbox 360 console is completely broken and you need a new one!

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that every intercooler is bad but I know of many people who have had the same problem as me.

After all the trouble this hardware has given me and many others I can safely say do not buy one and save your money!

My user rating for this hardware is 2/10.



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