CryEngine3 The New Game Engine from Crytek!

We’ve seen one of the most advanced gaming engines today evolve since farcry which was developed initially by Crytek based on the Cry Engine, We then witnessed CryEngine2 and the massive impact on the PC Gaming industry it has made.

With many game developers trying to keep up with its technology.

Today we witness Cry Engine 3.

The newest edition of the Cry Engine (game engine) from Crytek, its said to deliver not only the best graphics on the market today, but now includes full support for Dx9, Dx10 and XBOX360 and Ps3.. for you console owners!
Crytek are selling licenses to other game developers as we speak, so we hope to see many more games in the future based off this beautiful engine.

Im sure the 3rd addition to the crysis series will be in CryEngine 3, we will have to see! time for an upgrade?! i hope so.

A demo of the CryEngine3 was shown in March at GDC 2009 view it below or watch it here:

Try clicking the High Definition HD button to view the video in hd quality!

You can read Cryteks full news article here[tt_news]=143&tx_ttnews[backPid]=9&cHash=6236291d18

We have seen it happen before,
but i think its going to blow us away
atleast once more…

Its here

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