Mortal Online MMORPG

Mortal Online is a MMORPG

Release Date: Summer 2009, But Yet To Be Announced.

Mortal Online was first planned back in 2002 and took off in 2005.

Mortal Online is a Fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game some of its features that have been announced so far are, Free World/Free Roam, Next generation Graphics, Realtime combat and something they have added that maybe a different feature than other MMORPG’s is history never repeats itself.

So far they have released a bunch of features that i think early mmorpg’s have covered but the no repetitive monster killing. Full PvP is enabled around the free world of Mortal Online.

  • Free Roam / Free World – free roam / free world is what you choose to do in the game, whether is be to be an assassin or theif. It also seems that you will be able to keep houses for storage. Explore the big world, discover new places and name them. New resources are everywhere.
    mortal online half orc

  • Graphics Next Generation – Mortal Online is using unreal technology for its “next generation graphics”, the unreal engine 3 to power its MMORPG features, using Grome and Speedtree they will be making a game and world of detailed characters, realistic terrain, life like creatures to make you feel connected visually / mentally to the game.
  • Real time Combat (as seen in age of conan) – Real time combat in Mortal Online is the only combat system available on the game, auto attacking etc will not be implemented, you will have to be the fighter, you will need skill to fight.
  • Mortal Online History Doesn’t get Repeated – When playing mortal online don’t expect to face the same monsters over and over again. There will be small monsters that are common but Big Beasts and Bosses that you kill don’t expect to see them miraculously come back to life, once they are dead they are dead. Rare monsters and quests do not return, each players experience will be unique. How do you find these monsters? you just have to be at the right place at the right time they could be anywhere. You could win a unique item or get a unique scar that no one else will bare, from this style of game play.
  • Many more… there are more features to come from this game in most definitely but are yet to be announced.

Overall the graphics look nice, the unreal engine 3 should go down a treat, for those of you who don’t know of it. Okay so maybe the features so far aren’t as pretty as they could be but theres many more to come. The best feature so far would be the History doesn’t repeat itself feature. Which a lot of MMORPG’s don’t have and is what will make this game unique.

There usually always is a beta for these type of games, and Mortal online will also be holding a beta testing stage in the future. Anyway still probably a way to go yet, just thought it’d be worth knowing!

Here is a teaser trailer of mortal online:

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