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(24/04/2008) 21:45pm GMT

Hey over the last couple of weeks i made a Website Content Management System, I called it Acute Control Panel, because it was to be developed in a short amount of time. It’s open source anyone can modify it to suite their needs but i would like the original credit.

I have released it under a Creative Commons License that can be viewed here:

Current Features

are as follows:

  • User’s
  • Edit Pages / Delete Pages / Modify Pages ( Using TinyMCE )
  • Parent Pages
  • Sub Pages
  • Edit Links / Delete Links / Modify Links
  • Support for Theme’s
  • Page Statistics
  • Visitor Statistics

If you need to quickly make a website then acute cp is way to do it, it takes a few minutes to setup. I’ve made the default template in xhtml and the design SEO Friendly. It’s very easy to create your own themes, checkout The “rounded theme” to create and derive your own.

If you find any bug’s or things that will improve it you can email me on “Spencer-AT-rediscussed-DOT-com”, or leave a comment below.

Installation is easy


  1. Extract, the contents of the zip file into a directory.
  2. Create a MySQL Database on your webserver and import/run the MySQL Query “acute-cp.sql” from the contents of the zip, with a user and appropriate permission’s.
  3. Open “acute-cp/web_settings.php” with a text editor. Replace the appropriate fields highlighted and any other information if need be(not usually):
  4. Upload the contents of the “acute-cp” folder to your root FTP directory.
  5. Installation is complete login to your control panel with the
    Username: admin
    Password: password
    and make sure you CHANGE the default password.

You can preview the default theme.

Click Below to Download

Download Acute Control Panel

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